About Rick

American Realty Services is over 8 years old and is owned by Rick Caruso and James Harvey with Rick as the Broker of Record with the California Dept of Real Estate.

Rick is widely recognized as one of the top “Experts in Real Estate”.

Have been Licensed and Being a Full Time Realtor since 1976 and having Sold literally just about every thing you can sell in Real Estate like over 1200 Home and Condo Sales, over 100 Land Sales, Unit Sales, Business Sales, and has Managed Large Real Estate Offices. Rick’s personal face to face contact is just one of the Strong Suits and the Positive Attitude has created the Negotiating Machine that Rick has perfected.

Anyone that knows Rick will testify to the extremely hard work and ethics that drives Rick to work for the client. The Rare and Truthful Slogan that the “Customer Comes First” is in instilled in every thing that Rick is involved with. Rick will tell you like it is, giving the client options for every situation that comes up in the very complicated process of Listing and Selling Real Estate in this complicated and litigious Real Estate World.

A married family man with two son’s, one currently going to University and one who is getting close, Rick is very focused on getting the Job Done and diligently stays focused on how to make it easier for the Client.

If you want the best value whether you are a buyer or seller the Massive Level of Experience is Priceless what Rick will bring to the process!


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